Poetry in vinous motion

There’s no question that wine can move a man (or woman) to verse, and there have been some dandy results when that transpires. To wit:

When in joy we tap the cask
All our dreams bring what we ask.
DrinkingDrink it! Drink it! Kindly Friend,
Then our cares will swiftly end,
Drink to you, then drink to me,
Pledge our dual prosperity.
— Old French Poem

Four fresh-opened oysters,
Soft as grey velvet,
Cold as deep-sea water;
One long-stemmed glass
Half full of light Rhinewine,
Tasting of fruit-flowers
— Trevor Blakemore

“Velvety brown and bitter-sweet,
a thimbleful cupped on the tongue,
swelling in the mouth
like the nipple of Pomona
(Roman goddess of fruit)”
— William Fahey, on Marsala

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