Linkin’ logs: 11-1-16

History, biology, geography and more as we scan the World Wine Web:

guzzle-buddy• Plug it and chug it: The Guzzle Buddy averts spillage (although I’m sure I’d find a way). H/T to my friend Mark.

• This study of the cheapest places to buy wine is unlikely to prompt me to move to Paraguay, tempting though the economics might be.

• A 7th-century BC “royal order for ‘two jars of wine’ from the king’s maidservant” is uncovered in the Judean desert.

• Smile and say cheese: A study has found that a certain dairy product indubitably makes wine taste better.

• Just in time: Pairings of Halloween candy and sweet wines.

• Finally, don’t fall for this alluring trap:


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