Linkin’ logs: 11-15-13

So I’ve been away from the wine world, and the Web world, for too long. Got some catching up top do, starting with these nuggets:

• Here’s an interesting take on wine writers going perhaps too far too often with the distaff metaphors. From now on,. I’m gonna compare wines to George Clooney or Cossacks or Nureyev.

•  A couple of years back, we sampled a wine from our (relative) youth, Lancer’s. It was godawful. But this ad is tasty, if in questionable taste for its era.

• I learned a new wine word this week, thanks to my friend Denny.

•  I’d rather visit a winery that makes fabulous stuff in a warehouse than an operation with lesser wines but fantastic architecture. That said, these places look pretty cool.

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