Linkin’ logs: 11-23-15

Whew. Catching my breath, as usual, after an insane stretch. And catching up with the World Wine Web;

Schumer• I (heart) Amy Schumer, and GiFs like this are a big reason why.

• This is one of the better takes I’ve seen on how climate change might affect grape-growing. Key phrase: “rapid evolution.” For the near future, the models show El Niño drenching some areas that need it.

• Inspired idea of the week: How 10 artists would plate Thanksgiving dinner. And here’s some Turkey day pairing wisdom from a wiseacre.

Rickman• The folks who are about to shoot a movie on the 1976 “Judgment of Paris” are definitely not fans of a previous movie centering around that event, “Bottle Shock” (left).

• The times, and the wines, they are a-changin’ in some of the world’s epicenters of sweet wine.

• The ever-clever folks at VinePair pretty much nail what coffee, wine and weed do to us.

• Finally, not one, but two clever ‘toons:

Wine Allergies


Juice Cleanse






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