Linkin’ logs: 11-9-15

A friend of mine is selling her seriously cool T-Bird, but I’m having fun fun fun in the meantime scrolling for vinous wisdom:

Bubbles• More potentially good healthiness for us: Bubbles help the brain.

• My friend Lisa Mattson does the coolest videos in the wine biz. Here’s Exhibit 243, using a summer hit for autumnal chores.

• Think you’d like to be a “super taster”? Not me. Grape Collective looks at the assets and pitfalls of having a “super” palate, with a cool test to figure out if you have one.

Oxford• Drawing from Jancis Robinson’s stellar updating of “The Oxford Companion to Wine,” the estimable Elin McCoy provides a look at “What Every Wine Geek Needs to Know, Right Now.”

• This is delightful: A sommelier draws (literally) from the wine-speak so often used by wine critics and fellow somms. She works under the Fresh Cut Garden Hose rubric, inspired by the use of that preposterous descriptor in the movie “Somm.”

• Finally, what has to be the coolest envelope ever:

A Votre Sante

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