Linkin’ logs 12-15-14

It’s almost time for winter break at most schools, but not so for Linkin’ Memorial High:

Pippa• The takeaway for many at the most recent royal wedding was the bride’s sister, either her hat or something closer to the ground. Now it turns out that Pippa has passed a wine course “with distinction” — and might want to delve more deeply into our wondrous world.

• In more actual news, the Rooskies are taking aim at the Frogs over well-deserved sanctions. As usual, it would be the people who would suffer most if this happens.

• Can two people get into a fistfight over the radio? It appears that they can, even if they’re normally docile Canadians.

• The inimitable Hosemaster of Wine unveiled the contents of his letter to Santa.

• Finally, I really would like to try to do this one of these years:

Wine Tree






















Main image, Vanity Fair

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