Linkin’ logs: 12-21-14

We procrastinators are not the only ones who had an insanely busy week. So, it turns out, did buttloads of folks on the Interwebs:

• What do bartenders think when we order a certain varietal? This might provide a hint — if the bartender is particularly witty, worldly and imaginative.

Sniff• Only the nose knows: For those who actually do want to learn how long they’ll live, a recent study maintains that how well we sniff wine (and other stuff) can be a strong indicator.

• No sooner did our president announce an overdue change in our relations with Cuba than Napa vintners started talking about what kind of opportunities that might provide.

• Earlier this year, we shared news of wine-soaked milkshakes. So it figures that wine-infused ice cream could not be far behind.

• Not sure if this time of year brings out the best or worst in us. Looking like the latter in this case:

Xmas Card

• Finally, this could go on many of our Xmas lists:




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