Linkin’ logs: 2-27-15

Chemistry, physics and history are among the classroom fodder at Linkin’ Memorial Hugh this week:

Cat• Better than catnip? A Japanese company hopes to find feline oenophiles.

• My friends at Dusted Valley have long since gone screwy.

• The Byzantines might have made some really good wine, and this discovery means that we might get to verify that. Or not.

• What does your favorite wine say about you? Wine Folly has some answers, and while I’m leery of the one about pinot noir, love the one about chardonnay: “Chardonnay is like the adult version of pralines and cream. You still have a box of stuffed animals from when you were a kid.

• The compound called resveratrol has been touted for its health benefits, but now it appears that too much of it might not be such a good thing.

• Finally, here is a sign of the times for any ol’ time.

Wine Sign

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