Linkin’ logs: 3-22-16

Some real news and some unreal humor highlight the week in the Wine Webosphere:

Fast food• Wine pairing tips for sweet junk food are a seriously iffy proposition. Matchups for fast food might actually have more practical application.

• It’s always fun to see new euphemisms. Instead of saying “Besotted old coots moronically mow down vineyard,” Decanter offers up “Lost pensioners mistakenly destroy vines.”  How very British.

• The always-fascinating Wine Market Council report is out. My favorite nugget: Among high-end wine consumers, 54 percent say they’re drinking more wine in the past year. My explanation: They’re largely boomers with cellars who fear their palates are fading with age.

• My buddy the Hosemaster gets off some wicked-funny quips in parroting what a certain presidential candidate would say about reviewing wine.

• Finally, another sign that speaks to me:

Wine Sign

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