Linkin’ logs: 3-26-16

We’re headed to the Way Back Machine for some history and religion-ish material at Linkin’ Memorial High:

• Here’s one take on what Jesus and his friends (and foe) might have quaffed at the Last Supper.

Bunnies• Meanwhile, this might help you decide what to sip with that chocolate bunny. Or with more savory Easter fare.

• Bad news for ginormous breweries, good news for wine: Millennial tastes are morphing.

• Pardon the shameless cross-promotion, but I am particularly pleased with my Star Tribune column on sensory aspects of wine.

• When I met Warren Winiarski a few years back, he put a peacock feather in my short pocket and said “This is what my wines do: spread like a peacock on the palate.” A great interview with the great man.

• Finally, this doesn’t happen nearly often enough:

Wine sign





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