Linkin’ logs: 6-18-20

It’s baaaack. This wine writer has not been writing — and perhaps the world is a better place for that — instead playing in the dirt incessantly. So it’s way past time to share some coolish links:

• Here’s a fabulous ode to arguably my favorite grape.

• I’m pretty easy when it comes to drinking vessels, but this one (at left) might have been a challenge. Cool zooming option on the painting at the bottom.

• These are times that try men’s souls — or at least make them appreciate wine more.

• I guess this is the vinous version of the Red Bull and Vodka combo those crazy kids like: caffeinated wine.

• So here’s a pretty novel pickup line: “Have you ever been breast-fed wine by a man?

• Garrison Keillor used to talk about local children being “above average.” Turns out that when they grow up, that’s the case in wine consumption.

• Finally, here’s a pretty swell marketing idea:

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