Linkin’ logs 3-19-20

Apologies for another insanely long hiatus, but the Quarantine Era will, I hope, be the impetus for at least semi-regular postings. Starting with this whirl around the wine world:

• We should all be so lucky as to have wine coming out of our faucets, but it seems apropos that it happened in Italy.

• I’ve knocked over my wine glass more than a few times, but this spillage surpasses all those put together.

• Wanna get high and make wine? That’s what these intrepid French folks are doing.

• I’ve never heard of corn wine, and I’m not sure I want to try it given what happened to these pachyderms.

• Finally, my friend Kelly sent me this “map,” which eerily mirrors Chez Ward but actually is meant to chronicle ,y tasting-room visits for the next little (I hope) while:

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