Weigh in, please

These f@#*-ing proposed tariffs are beyond horrific. My friend Annette is going to D.C. to testify, and we could not ask for a better advocate.

But it would be great if others could join me in writing to the guv’mint about this f@#*-ing fiasco. The estimable Jancis Robinson puts it best:

URGENT: Please do what you can to prevent the proposed tariffs of up to 100% on a wide range of European imports into the US. Wherever you are based in the world, you have until Tuesday 7 January to register your comments on this proposal that would lead not only to far higher prices but also to layoffs and very probably the demise of many of the sort of smaller enterprises you prize most. Send your thoughts on this unfair offshoot of the international Airbus trade dispute to the US government here. It’s easy. Act NOW.”

And this from Karen MacNeil:

“We urge you to do what you can. A 100% tariff on European wines, foods and other products will have terrible consequences for us all, and needless to say could represent significant hardship for my of the wine producers we love.”

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