Linkin’ logs: 6-4-14

Tuneage, religion and an even more contentious issue between farmers are among the InterTube gleanings of late:

Ho• Several wine-soaked tunes pop up on the playlists that I compile for vinous gatherings, but few of them are on Grape Collective’s lists of essential wine-themed songs. And I do need to add one by the inimitable Don Ho (left).

• Aeon Magazine brings us a wonderful treatise about how and why, for many a millennia, wine has been “more than just a beverage.”

* Some people will have a hard time figuring out whom to root for in an unfortunate agricultural contretemps between growers of cannabis and grapes.

• The makers of the wine world’s most swell recent invention have issued a caveat for the Coravin.

• Finally, with the samples piling up, I’m in no danger of succumbing to this unspeakable affliction:

Wine Poster




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