Linkin’ logs: 7-1-19

The World Wine Web continues to enrich our lives, at least with these nuggets:

• The Big Apple is not about to become the Big Grape, but it does have a cool vineyard of sorts.

• Another link from the endlessly fascinating Atlas Obscura site: the local wines that inspired Karl Marx.

• My friend Mark passed along this interesting take on how we might not be drinking much better, or different, wine than folks a millennium or two ago.

• I’ve always thought the Celts had their act together in sundry ways, and appreciating Greek wines (and food) apparently was one of them.

• OK by me, except for the raison d’être: Red Châteauneuf-du-Papes will have more white grapes in the future, thanks to global warming.

• Finally, me want this vessel:

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