Linkin’ logs: 7-12-17

Some refreshing summer reading from the InterWebs:

• Huge news: The “natural wine” movement has reached the Vatican.

• Anyone wanting to visit a cool Minnesota winery should start at Chankaska Creek, and not just for table wine. Kudos to Lauren Vogt for a stellar in-depth look-see.

• Oregon’s King Estate is making wine for Amazon. I’m a longtime fan of their pinot gris.

• The latest on the health front from a centenarian: Wine is a key to longevity.

• My pal Peter penned a nice piece on enjoying wine. Some great tips therein.

• I’d love to try a ’96 Madeira — in this case (actually two), a 1796 Madeira.

• Finally, an oft-bandied-about statement in another realm gets its day on the vinous front:




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