Linkin’ logs: 8-8-17

OK, so I’m waaaaay behind on this, and the first story is almost a month old (but still pretty cool):

• I don’t have many old wines in my cellar, but this cellar has only (really) old wines.

• Not a single one of us knows how much we snore on a given night. But wine might play a part in it.

• This is too much work for my lazy self, but going underwater for wine might appeal to more active sorts.

• Whew! Gabriel Froymovich makes a strong case that Americans are not turning away from wine.

• Love this idea: So wine syrups are a thing with savvy mixmasters.

• It’s back-to-school time is nigh, so VinePair provides some wine pairings for parents.

• Finally, in at least one way, wine makes us more articulate:

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