Linkin’ logs: 7-8-15

The other day, I sampled 11 crummy chardonnays so you won’t have to. Every day, I scroll through the InterWebs so you won’t have to. The pick of the recent litter:

• Some vintners will sell no wine before its time — underwater.

No wine• Buried is this interesting report about a huge conference dealing with climate change/alcohol levels is a surprising factoid: Worldwide wine consumption is down since 2008.

• In the ’90s and into this century, varietals were the spice of most wine enthusiasts’ life. Now, according to some dude named Ward, not so much.

• In its ongoing battle with Amazon and Disney to see who will take over the world, Google has a cool new feature: virtual tours of California wineries.

• VinePair has a compilation of droll (or not) wine posters/memes, but that’s not going to stop me from posting this one:

Wine sign


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