Linkin logs: 8-1-18

Don’t know much about his-to-ry, or ge-og-ra-phy, but I do know just enough to be dangerous:

• Northern California has become the nexus of the U.S. wine world, but El-Lay has its place in vinous history.

• Love that Pythagoras dude, especially after learning how he treated people who poured themselves too much wine.

• Hoping our local Aldi stores add wine soon so I can try this bargain bottle of bubbles

• Just what the world needs most: a white-wine emoji.

• Some like it hot: The incredible Hatch chile peppers from New Mexico, which I first encountered at the incredible Phoenix restaurant Los Dos Molinos, have found their way into wine.

• Speaking of states we don’t normally associate with wine (and probably shouldn’t, despite this specious claim):



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