Linkin’ logs: 8-26-15

Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of fermented grape juice, this is the Wild World of Wine:

Gnarly• The Russkies are doing that Russky thing, making mad with questionable motives in banning some Cali wines.

• I try hard to fight it, but remain a list-oholic. So I was plenty intrigued by a compilation of America’s 101 best wineries, especially since one of those voting was my new pal, the wonderful blogger Elizabeth Schneider.

• The big hoo-ha out California way in recent days has been the ejection of some ladies, most of them Brownblack, from the Napa Wine Train, apparently for laughing too much. The hashtag #laughingwhileblack is on fire. And the incident spawned a great blog post on black-owned wineries worth a visit. BTW, I cannot recommend the Brown Estate zins highly enough.

• On the one hand, there’s no room in my cellar for any wine, period. On the other hand, looks like I’ll need to make space for some 2014 Oregon pinot noirs. Blessedly, I have at least a few months to clear out a few slots.

• Finally, a sign I wish I had written:


Wine Sign

2 Responses

  1. John Glas

    No Anderson’s Conn Valley on the list is a joke. Calera at 4. They make some of the most undrinkable Pinots I have tasted and how is St. Innocent not on this list? Really just a random 101 wineries that someone came up with.

  2. Bill Ward

    Agree on St. Innocent and Anderson’s Conn Valley, disagree on Calera, whose wines are stunning. But that’s the fun of this kind of list.

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