Linkin’ logs: 8-13-15

Don’t know much about chemistry or geography, to paraphrase the old song. Fortunately, others in the Interweb world do:

• My list of wine regions to target for visits morphs regularly, and grows even as I mark off some of them (I’m in New York’s Madeirasplendid Finger Lakes area as we speak.) Near the top of it is Madeira, and my friends Ryan and Gabriella Opaz beautifully illuminate why.

• Speaking of the Finger Lakes, Wine Folly has its standard looky and informative examination of said region.

• Here’s some encouraging news for, well, most wineries but also those of us who don’t think there’s much good wine under $10. Consumers might be figuring that out.

• A not-so-golden oldie: Seeing what might be the world’s oldest bottle of wine is guaranteed not to make you thirsty.

• I’m old enough to do Throwback Thursday stuff every week, but I usually refrain. Can’t resist sharing this, though:

TBT Wine


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