Linkin’ logs: 9-3-14

In today’s lessons at Linkin’ Memorial High, we hit the heights. And the Hamptons:

• We know that wine can make us high, but we’re still learning about how high wine can be made. A new vineyard at the highest elevation to date will tell us more.

• We also know that wine has been around a long time. And now we know that wine parties go back at least 4,000 years. Those wacky Canaanites!

• We don’t know what kind of crises or quandaries wine lovers faced back then, but many of the ones going down today are pretty doggone funny.

• We definitely know that wine experts sometimes aren’t as “expert” as they seem. But even given that, there is value in having experienced tasters share their assessments.

• Finally, this person purports to know the difference between alcoholics and drunks:



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