Linkin’ logs: 2-1-19

Hit the Web, Jack, and do come back with more and more and more:

This is especially good news for those who hate math: Wine is a better brain stimulant. Maybe I’ll stop doing Sudoku.

My new hero made a castle out of corks.

I’ve heard of many different ways of drinking wine, but obviously I hadn’t heard everything.

Here’s a hilarious take on ridiculous tasting notes.

The future of white-wine barrels might just be … acacia.

Finally, this could be good for what ails many folks my age:

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  1. Philip Bradley

    Bill–liked your Strib column about the wine market in the Twin Cities, but when you listed stores paying a lot of attention to a wide variety of wines, you omitted my favorite wine store, Hennepin-Lake, which has not only a large inventory of wines of many varieties from all over the world, but extremely competitive prices as well.

  2. Bill Ward

    Thanks for the kind words, and I left out several stores; but Henn-Lake should have been in there. I used the phrase “among them” to try to clarify that these were just some of them. In Minneapolis alone, I also left out Cork Dork, Henry & Son, McDonalds and some other good stores.

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