Some syrah with your sliders, sir?

I knew when I posted some (ostensibly) funny, or at least wacky, links that something would come along and surpass ’em.

And this report “” that White Castle is experimenting with wine and beer at an Indiana emporium “” certainly fills the bill.

As noted here before, bubbles go with most anything, and I say the spendier the better. After all, Marilyn Monroe’s favorite pairing was Champagne and potato chips.

And while I might predict that moscato will be the most popular option “” not that there’s anything wrong with that “” I’m gonna recommend barbera with those bad-boy burgers.

Not for the alliteration (well maybe a little for the alliteration) but because the cherry flavors and acidity seem well-suited for those teeny-tiny onion-like thingies that make White Castles so distinctive.

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