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Time for some holiday cheer, 2011-style. That means a package of linkin’ logs:

I bow to no one in my love for a pun, sometimes the groanier the better. In this account of a surprisingly successful endeavor — wine in cans — there’s a particularly painful one on the bottom of the logo.

Speaking of unusual conveyances for fermented grape juice, here’s another idea that has worked much better than anyone would expect. ‘Fraid I might get some of these from my Dixie-fied friends for Christmas.

Single dudes seeking a real-life pairing might be surprised to learn what the ladies are looking for when they’re out cruising the grocery-store aisles, at least Down Under. Time to go tubering, guys.

Speaking of nifty food-wine matchups, here’s a sweet/sharp one one that I’m aiming to try this holiday season, and not just because bubbles go with just about everything.

Finally, from high up on Howell Mountain comes this droll video from Ladera that shows how much wine really is made in the vineyard.

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