Somm time, and the wisdom is easy

It’s up to you whether to heed the recommendations of sommeliers, but it’s smart to heed their words:

Atkin• “There are times when wine feels like a branch of the timber industry.” — Tim Atkin

• “I’ve learned so much about everything, not only wine but culture, history, languages, geology, geography, chemistry, agriculture … wine is truly the school of life.” — Andreas Larsson

• “At the end of the day, we’re selling poetry.” — Geoff Kruth

• “Overall, I like to keep winespeak simple and use everyday language. As a teacher you have to be crystal clear. As a writer you have to baffle the most erudite readers so they think you are qualified to be writing.” — Rick Schofield

• “If everybody liked the same wine, it would be very expensive and hard to get.” — John Szabo

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