Wearing wine goggles

Do ya think I’m sexy? Of course not, and neither do I.

But many, if not most, men do, especially after a bit of swirling and sipping (slurping is not sexy even if George Clooney is doing it). According to a recent study in (but of course) France, men find themselves feeling sexier and wittier after a glass or three of malbec.

But here’s the interesting part:

“Those who believed they had drunk alcohol gave themselves high self-assessments, regardless of whether they had imbibed any booze or not. And those who had believed they had not drunk any alcohol gave themselves a low assessment, even when there had been a hefty shot of pure alcohol in their drink.

As one of the scientists noted, “the mere fact of believing that you have drunk alcohol makes you feel more attractive.”

Of course, it has long been known that men find women increasingly attractive the more they drink “” the effect known as “wearing beer goggles” “” but I can proudly state that while imbibing, I don’t start considering myself more pulchritudinous.

Funnier, yes, although a debate could ensue over whether it’s more funny ha-ha or funny weird.

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