Linkin’ logs 4-13-12

Edifying and/or entertaining stuff from the Interwebs:

Anybody know how to write a grant request? I wanna do a similar study to this one on wine. I can say that I considered myself mighty clever at various stages of last night’s fantabulous BYOB dinner at Meritage.

Speaking of research that could produce heartening results for us tipplers, a chemical derived from a Chinese tree might keep us sober no matter our intake. Hurry up, folks.

At Meritage, we decanted a young Saxum and a youngish Barolo and gave them an hour or so to aerate. But this smart guy has figured out a way to accelerate the process.

I love traveling in France, but now it appears that we tourists will be forced to carry along a rather unusual accoutrement.

Finally, here’s a handy dandy guide to talking like a wine geek at your next gathering. If that for some reason is a goal of yours.

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