Linkin’ logs 4-28-12

It has gotten to a point where it’s hard to recall exactly what life was like before the Interwebs, before we had access to all that fabulous stuff (amidst a buttload of flotsam, admittedly) to see and share. Some of my recent faves:

• I’m not sure which is cooler in this look at world wine records: the accomplishments or the photos (one of which I am “borrowing” at left).

• There’s also some great “” and surprising “” history in this New York Times blog post about presidents and fermented/distilled beverages.

• After I emailed this quickie lesson about making syrup from leftover wine to a handful of fellow cork dorks, one wisenheimer responded, “what leftover wine?”

• I’m a sucker for a cool-looking poster, perhaps a hangover from my college days, and have this one hanging in our dining room, as well as the one on the right. Even, or maybe especially, if you don’t like math, this one is fascinating.

• And finally, I was going to post this story about pot-laced wine a few weeks ago, but then I sampled a really bret-y bottle of something or other and forgot all about it.

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