When in Rome …

… One posts some wise words from the Romans of yore. My way better half and I are in the Eternal City this week, and hope the scheduling of this pre-trip post takes.

Do as they do, and as they say:

• “Wine is life.” ““ Petronius (or maybe Horace)

Horace• “Wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul, gives being to our hopes, bids the coward flight, drives dull care away, and teaches new means for the accomplishment of our wishes.” ““ Horace

• “The best kind of wine is that which is most pleasant to him who drinks it.” ““ Pliny the Elder

• “[Wine] warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes and wine & love have ever been allies.” ““ Ovid

• “Wine gives courage and makes men more apt for passion.” ““ Ovid

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