Linkin’ logs: 1-8-17

All the (vinous) news you need to know:

• As we all are aware, tomorrow, Jan. 9, is National Cassoulet Day. Here’s a lowdown on the French classic that includes cool history, a recipe, and of course most importantly, wine pairings.

• I’m not a bucket list kind of guy, but if I were, this photo package of cool vineyards would be part of the proceedings.

• Jamie Goode is one of the smartest (and wisest) wine people I know, as his thoughts on natural wine show.

• I have friends who are major devotees of the biodynamic calendar’s effects on the ways we perceive wine. Goode is not among them, and says he has the science to back that.

• Forgot Botox (please!): Wine grapes are a better skin treatment, it appears.

• Finally, I always follow doctor’s orders, especially when the doctor is this guy:


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