Linkin’ logs: 3-6-16

Opening and closures, a vinous workout and lots of viewing are on tap at Linkin’ Memorial High this week:

Screwcap• A new, uh, twist in the cork realm: Two stalwart wineries (both recent winners of Wine Spectator’s Wine of the year), Shafer and Domaine Serene, believe they can guarantee taint-free corks. At Chehelam, on the other hand, the ever-savvy Harry Peterson-Nedry touts another benefit of twist-off bottle sealers.

• The latest from the world of wine’s health benefits: a magnum-inous way to work out.

House• With the onset of a new season of “House of Cards,” the ever-clever folks at VinePair offer up pairings for binge-watching. And they’re really solid, both the types of wines and the recommended bottles

• Meanwhile, an extremely promising wine-soaked show is in the works on the other side of the pond. No telling how long it will take to get here, though.

• Finally, with winter loosening its grip even here in Tundraland, here’s some must-have “yard art”:

Wine Glass Holders




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