Linkin’ logs: 3-14-16

Wine and money, history and unexpected places:

Shelburne• Yes, California, there is good wine made to your east. A swell Bloomberg News piece looks at several wineries across the land, including personal favorite Shelburne in Vermont, that are crushing it on more ways than one.

• Wine goes back many millennia, but there wasn’t much written about individual varietals until fairly recently. Except for riesling, mentioned in a recently uncovered missive from 1435.

• How much do you spend on wine every year? Well, the plaintiff in a nasty divorce case is asking for $15,200 a year for wine. That’s either a buttload of semi-spendy stuff or maybe a case of first growths.

• If you can guess what is the second-most-expensive varietal in the U.S. and name the hottest expensive category, well then you don’t need to look at this interesting take on our spending and consumption.

• Finally, there’s more than a little truth in this take on my vocation:

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