Linkin’ logs 7-23-14

After a frenetic, exhausting hiatus (“retiring” is hard work!), the Linkin’ Man is back. Some semi-recent gems:

• A newish (to me, at least) website called VinePair pulled together a great look at 12 wineries of serious architectural distinction. That pairs deftly with the Drinks Business’ report on the world’s most extreme vineyards.

• Which demographics are most important to wine’s continuing rise in popularity? A recent poll might have some answers.

• The always delightful Madeline Puckette provides a puckish (and spot-on) list of wine myths that must die.

• It turns out that another star of Bloglandia, Joe Roberts, aka 1 Wine Dude, is also a pretty damn good musician, if this wine-soaked tune is any indication.

• Many wine lovers also are avid yoga practitioners. This video is for them. Or the rest of us.

• Finally, what appears to be a potentially cool invention gets some swell marketing:

Rubber glasses

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