Linkin’ logs: 8-3-14

Welcome once again to the Land of Linkin’, located, well, everywhere in the vastness of Weblandia:

• My way better half and I tend to believe that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, then we used to be Italian or French peasants (not Antoinettes or Borgias; just common folk). That ineffable bond was reinforced last week by news from France that is so French: Soon at least one hospital will have a wine bar for the terminally ill. Make mine a CDP, please.

• The wonderful newish site Grape Collective offers up an intriguing, not always predictable list of 10 great travel destinations for the vinous among us.

• Delving into the world of stronger intoxicants, the Daily Beast unearths a story about the provenance of those expensive craft whiskeys from newer brands, i.e. 20-year-old booze from a 2-year-old company. Blessedly, brands like High West are being transparent on this front.

• Wondering his your state ranks in the consumption of beer, vino and spirits? These handy-dandy maps reveal all.

• Finally, a wee bit of McDrollery:



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