Linkin’ logs: Getting serious (kinda sorta)

So most of these posts are heavily skewed toward levity. This one is geared primarily toward substantive and (I hope) interesting stories.

• Bad pun alert: This winery is positively ducky (and no, it’s not Duckhorn).

• My friend John Skupny and Dan Petroski are among many folks with interesting takes on sundry subjects in a Napa roundtable.

• Those of us who love great food have had an extra layer of bumming out with the plight of restaurants. To try to stay afloat, some are selling off high-end wines. Wish I could afford them.

• I love having more time to read these days. And here are some vinous touts in that realm. Also, some recommendations for viewing.

• We did a “virtual tasting” with our friends Lonny and Kim the other night, and it was delightful. Turns out we’re far from alone.

• The ramifications of Covid-19 on the wine world are many and varied.


• Finally, and acknowledgin that this is a titch sacrilegious, a photoshop of a masterwork:

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