Linkin’ logs: 1-26-16

The weird, wacky world of wine on the Web:

Welles• “Bwaahh the French”: Outtakes of Orson Welles trying to do a Paul Masson ad after sampling too much of the product in advance.

• I grew up near some “dry” counties (no alcohol sales), but even those misguided backwaters didn’t ban using words like “hooch,” much less “wine,” as Iran just did.

• Lovin’ the opening up of Cuba, and so are some California winemakers set to visit there.

• I’ll take the ’05 Cheval Blanc for $1.50 and the ’06 Clos Veugeot for $4.50. Oh wait, there’s a “19” at the beginning of those vintages, and this menu, shared by my friend Mark, is from a century ago. Sigh.

• A couple of viniferous gift options, the second one courtesy of my friend Bill:

Cork Clothes



Wine Labels



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