Linkin’ logs: 2-1-19

Hit the Web, Jack, and do come back with more and more and more:

This is especially good news for those who hate math: Wine is a better brain stimulant. Maybe I’ll stop doing Sudoku.

My new hero made a castle out of corks.

I’ve heard of many different ways of drinking wine, but obviously I hadn’t heard everything.

Here’s a hilarious take on ridiculous tasting notes.

The future of white-wine barrels might just be … acacia.

Finally, this could be good for what ails many folks my age:


Linkin’ logs: 1-4-19

Scrollin’, scrollin, scrollin’ into 2019:

• Great to see the seriously cool Henry & Son make a list of the nation’s best wine stores.

• A penny for your thoughts? Actually, pennies aren’t worth much these days, except perhaps to restore wine gone bad.

• Whatever weighty resolutions might be in play for others, these are my kind of diet tips.

• I’m sure I’d muck it up, but this is a fabulous use of empty wine bottles.

• Finally, while Riedel and Zalto and others have their merits, these are all worthy wine vessels:


Linkin’ logs: 12-19-18

Hoping this effort on the piece-o’-crap new version of WordPress works:

• Lauren Voigt does stellar work running the Minnesota Uncorked website, and she did a dandy job with this take on wines with Minnesota connections.

• OK, I’m a sucker for lists, and for researchers who divide people into groups. So the wine market’s six segments is right in my wheelhouse

• Well, I’m always leery of over-marketing-driven stuff like Shiraz on the Shelf, but it’s from the people who came up with Mensch on the Bench, which I pondered buying for my friend Mark’s holiday gift.

• Apparently, you don’t have to mix in Red Bull to make Champagne an energy drink.

• Finally, the latest health news:



Linkin’ logs: 11-27-18

What’s cooking in the wine world? Plenty:

• I got an Instant Pot last year and haven’t used it much. Maybe this mulled-wine recipe will motivate me.

• I hate when this happens: thousands of gallons bubble over the tank tops and are lost.

• The headline says it (almost) all: a wine that at least figuratively is out of this world.

• Almost out of this world: the planet’s “highest” vineyard in Tibet.

• Want to get smarter? Drink wine, if these neuroscientists are to be believed.

• Finally, most of us tend to be low on funds after holiday shopping. The solution, at least for those with wanderlust:


Linkin’ logs: 11-21-19

It’s beginning to look a lot like … an insane feast is anon. For news on this and other vinous matters:

• A seriously cool idea: co-fermenting grapes with apples, wort, etc., to make a hybrid. Let’s not call it “weer” or “wider,” though.

• Love this list of what wines to pair with the pies that cap the repast. And I didn’t delve as deeply into one course, but lightly into all of the standard stuff.

• Staying with food-wine matchups, I love Tim Hanni’s suggestions for hosts, not least because it includes two personal favorites from Oregon, Paetra Riesling and Abacela Albarino.

• On the other hand, I likely wouldn’t serve this 1,700-year-old bottle with a meal. But many wines of course are worth aging, and Eric Asimov offers his standard sage advice on that topic

• Finally, some more savvy advice on watching the news:


Linkin’ logs: 10-24-18

Spanning the globe that is the World Wine Web:

• Got grapes? How about 8,200 varieties, at this seriously cool French vineyard?

• I’m with Simon Jenkins: Make mine a cannabis wine.

• I love cooking, I love using tongs when I cook, and I love wine. So this semi-harrowing practice is right in my wheelhouse. Anyone got some really old Port?

• Now I want to go to Austria even more: Instead of near-beer, they have near-wine.

• No way I’m gonna buy this, but I might do a homemade version of the 12-bottle Advent wine thingie.

• Finally, read and heed this:



Linkin’ logs: 10-2-18

Takin’ what I’m given, and I’m strollin’ for a ivin’:

• How about some delicious Welch’s … wine? Actually, I’ve had some fab stuff made from Concord grapes at competitions.

• I’m so far behind that I’ll soon finally be getting around to sharing my own review of the second “Somm” film. Meanwhile, the third one has premiered (that’s my friend Fred Dame in the middle).

• Here’s some really good advice on pairing wines and food in particular and becoming a more savvy quaffer in general.

• I also learned a lot from this look at surprising facts and figures around fermented grape juice.

• Finally, it took a sec for me to “get” this misbegotten sign:





Linkin’ logs: 9-24-18

Web gems: this ‘n’ that from the InterTubes:

• This is not (just) a play on words: Whistling past the graveyard vineyard.

• Love tomatoes, love wine, but not so sure about tomato wine.

• Now here’s a combination that seems outstanding: bubbles in space.

• This “diet” plan hasn’t worked so well for me, but that also might be attributable to my love of pasta, sweet tooth, etc. etc.

• Finally, me want:


Linkin’ logs: 9-9-18

Spanning the vinous globe to bring you the constant variety of wine:

• Am I blue? Rarely, and even more uncommon is it to find something blue in my wine glass. Not so across the pond.

• The Spaniards really know how to live. The latest evidence: this seriously cool fountain.

• I have been fortunate enough not to encounter much insipid rosé  — although i have friends who think all rosés are insipid — but it’s definitely out there.

• Leaving no marketing stone unturned: Of course there is now wine for cats.

• Finally, some sage advice for the pessimists among us:

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